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How to Become My Own Boss

14 Steps to Starting a Business in College

Learn what it takes to work for yourself.

3 Steps to Starting a Business

The first step is always the hardest. Learn what exactly you need to do to get started!

3 Steps to Make Money Online

Make money from any destination in the world. Do it on the side to save up for a vacation. Or do it full time.

More specific Step By Steps

All the steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur in one place.

Statistics about being an entrperneur

Don't be another statistic

52% of small business are home based. Most people that start business are not multimillionaires.

95% of successful business owners have formal training. The money is worth it. Pick a specialty and learn learn learn.

50% of business fail within the fist 5 years. The odds are not good. What are you going to do differently so that you don't turn out to be another statistic?

  • Small business that are home based
  • Formal training
  • Business that fail within the first year
  • First in family to start business


Hello, you are probably wondering who Step By Step Entrepreneur is. I am an 24-year-old entrepreneur and student. I started my first company when I was sixteen. I am now working on company number three while also pursuing a dual bachelors of science in Aerospace Engineering and Business Economics. I have decided to share the steps I have taken to create and maintain two successful companies.
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Matthew Masoud

Entrepreneur and Student
Family moved from Egypt when I was a child. Now I plan to dominate cooperate America.

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